Gaby Di Zitti's works are a product of her overactive imagination and her passion for creating beauty in the world, in whatever form that may be. She's been drawing and painting since 2003. In an effort to challenge herself and further develop her skills, Gaby got certified in make-up and studied hairstyling in 2015, hoping to take her techniques and unique perspective into the real world in a relevant and applicable way. In 2018 she was hired as a Senior Artist and Educator for SUVA Beauty. In 2019, she completed her Esthetic's program and gained her license to further hone her craft. Her interest in the arts extends into the realm of literature and poetry, specifically critical analysis and copy editing. Gaby graduated CSUN in 2014 with a BA in English-Literature.


Step out of the real, abandon the ideal, prepare for the unreal, and embrace the surreal.